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Tanabata and Yukata!


Vega and Altair on their meeting day (source)

Around this time of the year, many Japanese people get together to celebrate Tanabata matsuri (festival). This festival commemorates a Romeo and Juliet-esque story of two lovers, Vega and Altair, who were separated across the Milky Way and were only allowed to meet on the evening of Tanabata (July 7th). To celebrate, my friend's host mom set up an event with her English language elderly students to have a sort of cultural and language exchange. I was very excited to not only meet everyone, but to wear a yukata for the first time! I headed over to my friend's homestay earlier in the day in order to get properly dressed. There were several beautiful pieces to choose from, and I choose a white and pink floral pattern. The first part of the yukata is a long robe piece that is tied across by the obi (belt) pretty tightly. The yukata is made for the hot summer days as it has a opening from the sleeves that allows for much needed ventilation! The last part of the outfit is a flower hair pin for the girls and fitted geta (wooden slippers). 


My friends and I all dressed up! (source)

The event itself was quite fun and we began the day by writing our Tanabata wishes onto thin, long, decorated paper slips and tying it to the bamboo tree as is customary for this festival. Following that, we were treated with a special finger flute performance by two of the elderly men who attended the event. Having never seen a finger flute performance (or even having heard of it), it was quite the treat and very entertaining. The two men played both American and Japanese songs! One of them has been training in the finger flute for over two decades and definitely proved his talent.

Next, we proceeded to the crafts and games part of the day, beginning with origami. While I have done origami several times before, I definitely did not remember all the steps. Luckily, the group at my table was able to show me how to make a cute paper crane! In the spirit of Tanabata, we also made "ama no gawa" decorations which are made to look like the Milky Way. It was great learning how to make some new origami, hopefully I will remember it when I get home! :)

Origami galaxy milky way tanabata japan

Milky Way origami (source)

Lastly, we rounded out the day by playing some Japanese games including Karuta. The version we played started off with three stacks of cards in the middle of the table. On the cards are either a picture of regular man, princess, or monk and depending on which one you pick you either gain or lose cards. The players take turns going around the table and drawing from the deck. Drawing a card with the regular man lets you keep your card, a monk makes you lose all of your cards, and a princess lets you take the cards lost by other players or draw from the main pile. The goal is to end up with the most cards in your hand when the piles are empty. I was not lucky enough to win this time, but it was definitely a fun game!


Karuta cards (source)

I had a great time at the event and enjoyed wearing yukata with all of my friends, old and new! :)


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