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Meiji Shrine

Okay, so technically I did go to Meiji Shrine during Golden Week, but I was getting tired of putting "Golden Week Part" on my posts, and worrying about when specific things happened. The other posts were getting extremely sketchy, because it's been a long time since Golden Week, and I don't really remember when exactly these events took place. Consider this post a bonus.
Meiji Shrine is a shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken. Located next to Harajuku Station, the shrine is nestled in an extremely abundant forest, accessible via a massive torii gate. The size of this torii gate makes all of the other ones look like a joke. The colors of the shrine are predominantly green and brown, which is pretty different from the red you usually see at Shinto shrines. I really enjoyed Meiji shrine, because it was much more spacious than the all of the other shrines I have been to before.
The main area was comprised of a beautiful tree and large offering hall. Fortunately, we happened to show up on a day that a traditional Shinto wedding was taking place. A huge crowd of visitors watched and filmed as the bride and groom walked towards the shrine. I filmed a bit of it and posted it on snapchat, and I also saved it, so let me know if you see me and want to watch it, I gotchu. I really enjoyed watching the procession, as it was quite different from the weddings I have grown accustomed to in the States.
After we watched the wedding for a bit, we checked out a small shop which was selling omamori (Japanese amulets). I bought an omamori for good fortune in my relationship with bb-chan. Afterwards, we walked around for a little bit more before heading out.
If you are visiting Tokyo, I would say Meiji Shrine is a must-see location. Try to fit it into your schedule if you are checking out Harajuku.
That's it for the posts on this blog. Just want to say thanks to anyone who has read them/kept up with them. Check out my personal blog: for more!
See You Space Cowboy.


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