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1 posts from October 2014


Fall 2014 Semester Begins!

Twenty-one students from schools across the US arrived safely on September 16, eager to begin an unforgettable semester (or year) in Japan!

Our comprehensive two-week orientation period began soon after arrival, so students participated in icebreakers and intercultural training activities, and also learned about safety and important logistics. Other sessions focused on group-oriented Japanese society, behavioral norms, expectations, cultural adjustment, and of course, academics.

Here are just a few highlights from the orientation:

Life Safety Learning Center

Safety is a top priority for CIEE. As part of orientation we visited the Life Safety Learning Center, operated by the Tokyo Fire Department. Students learned how to use a fire extinguisher, how to evacuate a burning building, and how to protect themselves in an earthquake simulation.


Putting out a simulated fire


On September 26, we enjoyed a guided tour through Kamakura, one of Japan’s former capitals. We visited Hachimangu Shrine (over 900 years old), followed by the Daibutsu (‘Great Buddha’), and Hasedera Temple. Our local tour guides did an amazing job explaining the importance of these sites and their impact on Japanese culture, religion, and art.


Hachimangu Shrine


Daibutsu (the 'Great Buddha' statue)


In front of Hasedera Temple


Classes started for our students at Sophia University on September 30. By actively engaging in coursework, participating in CIEE activities and excursions, and being immersed in Japanese society, we are confident that our students will develop skills for living in a multicultural, global society.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the semester. Until next time! Mata ne!