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1 posts from February 2013


CIEE is on the move...

After more than two years in our current space on the third floor of the Jochi Kojimachi Building, the CIEE Study Center is moving back to the Sophia University campus. We will definitely miss the view of Kojimachi-dori, but we look forward to our new central campus location. CIEE will be occupying generous space across the hall from the campus bookstore on the B1 level of building two (campus buildings in Japan are usually given numbers instead of names), Sophia's main administration building. CIEE's student lounge, library, and meeting room will occupy space that once housed the campus baber shop, and CIEE staff will work in an adjoining office that until recently was the Poppins Daycare. Sophia has spent the past few weeks remodeling our new space, removing the adorable, tiny tables and chairs that were more appropriate, I suppose, for two and three year olds than our college students. Visit our blog again soon for photos from the move and an update on our new Study Center!
Shannon Quinn
Student Services Manager