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1 posts from August 2011


Spring Semester Ceremony and Reception

To celebrate the end of the semester, CIEE Academic Year Program (AYP) and spring semester students, staff, host families, program supporters, and the Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University gathered for a ceremony and reception at Arcadia Ichigaya. AYP students delivered bilingual speeches on topics including the shinsengumi of the Bakufu period, Akihabara, and volunteer work on a farm in Tokunoshima. Spring semester students contributed by presenting on their involvement with student circles and clubs at Sophia University, and volunteer experiences in an earthquake and tsunami-devastated area of Tohoku, Japan.

This semester CIEE organized a photo contest, and winners were selected at the end-of-semester ceremony by members of the audience. All students received CIEE program completion certificates and then had a chance to socialize and enjoy the oishii food at the reception.

This is our final blog post for the spring semester program, but we will be back to share our adventures this fall when the program begins on September 13. In the meantime, please visit to hear from students who area spending a month in Tokyo participating in the CIEE summer program.

Mata ne!

Shannon Quinn, Student Services Manager

CIEE Spring 2011 Students at the End of Semester Ceremony

CIEE Students and Guests at the End of Semester Reception