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1 posts from April 2011


Spring Semester Begins

The CIEE Study Center in Tokyo would like to begin the spring semester blog by extending our most sincere sympathy to all who have suffered from the March 11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Sophia University began the spring semester on schedule, and CIEE students from 22 US colleges and universities arrived in early April to begin the program.

CIEE kicked off the semester with an orientation program that included visits to Narita-san in Chiba, a walking tour from Yotsuya to the Imperial Palace, and various lectures and workshops on topics ranging from academics to health and safety.

Blog photo 
A day after arriving in Japan, CIEE students learn to purify their hands at Narita-san Shinshoji Temple.


Yotsuya Walking Tour 044 
 Student Services Manager Shannon Quinn and CIEE spring semester students pose in front of the Imperial Palace following the Yotsuya walking tour on April 20, 2011.