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Golden Week Part 4: Parks

Remember when I said I would post regularly? I may or may not have stretched the truth on that one a little bit. School has made me quite uninspired to write, and I'm more ready than ever to walk out of Sophia's gates for the last time. My finals start in about a week (yes I'm still in school), and at this point I'm more interested/concerned in just surviving them, as opposed to receiving amazing scores. I suppose I felt like that at Tech also. I'm sure it's normal, but for the past month my traveling has taken a nosedive, so I am planning one last trip outside of Tokyo before I return to the States.
Well anyways, this will be one of the last Golden Week posts, and I am mainly going to talk about the two parks that I went to: Shinjuku Gyoen and Yoyogi Park.
Shinjuku Gyoen is an absolutely beautiful park located in... you guessed it, Akihabara. Just kidding, it's located in Shinjuku. For the small entry free of 200 yen, this is a place you really should not miss if you visit Tokyo. There are so many gorgeous things to see, like a rose garden, tea garden, and a really neat greenhouse. The park is not crowded during weekdays, and is a perfect place to read, study, or relax and enjoy the scenery. I am going to let my pictures do the talking on this one.
Yoyogi park is located near Harajuku, and is quite different. It's not so much about the physical scenery here, but more about the people that show up. Many performers of all kinds put their talent on display here. When we visited, there was an LGBT parade going on near the park, so the place was packed. If you want to watch someone play trap music while painting with spray paint, then wow this is the perfect place for you. We walked around for a little bit, getting in some good people-watching.
After we had our fill of Yoyogi, we made our way back to the station, but decided to walk through the LGBT parade to get there. I think it goes without saying that when you combine an LGBT parade and Japan, you get a pretty weird outcome. I took a couple pictures, just a couple.
Other than that, I showed my mom around Takeshita street and Omotesando Street in Harajuku, and I finally ate a crepe. It was extremely rich but very delicious.
That's about it for now. My next post will be the final Golden Week post, and will be about Hakone.
See You Space Cowboy.


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