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Hello everyone! I am going to talk about my recent trip to Miyajima!
As part of the Hiroshima study trip, we had the pleasure of taking a day trip to the absolutely breathtaking Miyajima island. Miyajima is so beautiful in fact, that it has been rated as one of the top three best views in Japan! The island is accessible by a short ferry ride, and honestly, that in itself is a really cool experience. The island is absolutely filled with stunning sights and rich cultural locations.
It is most famous for the torii gate which sits out in the water. The island also houses Itsukushima shrine, an aquarium, a large pagoda, and the most casual deer you are likely to find anywhere. Interestingly, Itsukushima shrine is also built over water. The experience here felt quite different than some of the others shrines I have been to over the duration of my stay.
After checking out the shrine in its entirety, I made my way over to the small shops, and eventually towards the mountain. I was tempted to buy a cute little frog trinket, but did not think it would make it back home in one piece. Mount Misen is where I spent the majority of my time.
At the foot of the mountain, I walked around the gorgeous Daisho-in Temple. Daisho-in features a lot of traditional buildings, religious statues, and other buddhist related objects. The most interesting experience for me, was walking through a dark cave filled with buddhist icons. The cave roof was lined with candles, and an incense burner in the middle of the cave filled the room with an extremely pungent and thick smoke. All of the culturally important locations in Japan feel genuine, but this one was absolutely oozing with authenticity.
After making my way through the temple, I walked higher up the mountain, and witnessed absolutely breathtaking scenery. I have said it once and I will say it again, Japan is green, VERY green. The most beautiful sight was a waterfall I found high up on the mountain. I actually sat there for about 20 or so minutes, just listening to the sounds of the forest, and watching the perpetual stream. It definitely ranks as one of my top five favorite moments of my trip thus far.
When I finished on Mount Misen, I made my way to the aquarium, only to find an entry fee, and my empty wallet due to the Akihabara trips from the week before. I finished my trip sitting by the beach, and just taking it all in. This trip was not only the furthest I have been from Tokyo, but also felt the most remote. Even with the amount of people, it felt extremely closed off from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Tokyo can be overwhelming, so it is nice to get away once in awhile. I know I will be back someday, and I absolutely cannot wait to experience it again with the girl I love.
That's all for now! Selecting the best pictures was extremely difficult for this post, since I took an unreasonable amount, and all of them are awesome.
See You Space Cowboy.


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