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Japan’s Happiest Place on Earth: Tokyo Disney Sea







Ok, this might seem really silly, but I think going to Tokyo Disney Sea was the one thing I was most looking forward to doing with my boyfriend, Austin, when he came to visit. I have never been (so bonus for me, yay), and my dad raved about it so there was lots of pressure building on this moment. I have been to Disney World more times than I can remember, and have been to Disneyland in California once. I love the parks, and grew up watching Disney movies and listening to Disney songs. Austin has only been to Disney World once when he was little, so I was super excited to share these Disney moments with him, and it was so much fun!

We started at the Tower of Terror, which was immensely different than the ones in the U.S. It has the same appearance, but the story is way weird. It has to do with this explorer rich guy who steals a cursed freaky looking totem, which in turn haunts the hotel. Sound like Indiana Jones? It was pretty much Indiana Jones, I'm serious. Still, the ride was fun, unless you don't like being in elevators. Despite going on a weekday, we waited about an hour to ride the Tower of Terror, and an hour and a half for Toy Story Mania. While we waited in line Austin and I played several rounds of tic-tac-toe. I totally schooled him. I also crushed him in Toy Story Mania. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you basically shoot objects at targets all projected on a screen in 3D. It's pretty awesomely awesome. 

On our way to the next ride (I'm pretty sure it was Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull), we happened upon milk tea flavored popcorn, which completely stopped us in our tracks. Now, I am not a huge fan of popcorn. The kernel shells or whatever always get stuck in my throat, and it either has too much butter, or not enough flavor if it's regular popcorn. Oh and occasionally I'll bite into an unpopped kernel, and then I just give up. Cheddar popcorn is, however, delicious, as well as caramel corn. Basically the milk tea, which is a popular drink in Japan, tasted somewhat like caramel corn. I think I ate more than Austin, which is ok considering we ended up trying four different flavored popcorns. On the map, there is a list of the different kinds and where you can find them in the park. Besides the milk tea we tried curry, jalapeño cheddar and white chocolate. By white chocolate I was popcorned out of my mind, and am pretty sure it comprised most of our diet that day.

So we went on the Indiana Jones ride, which reminded me of how I really need to see the other two, and we went on a roller coaster called Raging Spirits. The signs kept warning us that it was rough, but it was literally the smoothest roller coaster I've ever been on. The head guards were also cushioned. It was like riding a luxury coaster (hint hint America). For lunch we ate tacos! It was nice to eat some Central/South American inspired food. After our meal we checked out King Trident's Kingdom. The outside is impressive enough, but the inside was spectacular! It really made you feel like you were underwater. Now, if there weren't so many people and giant strollers taking up the walkway it would have been awesome to explore, but Austin and I just wanted the heck outta there! So we rode Jasmine's flying carpets. It was much more relaxing! 

In case you are wondering, the lost island (which is a place in the park) is actually hard to find... Austin and I kept walking around it and didn't know how to get there, but we finally did, and decided to wait in line for the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. During this queue we played hangman. It passes the time, you should try it next time you wait in line. The ride itself was really really cool! I have never seen the movie, but it has piqued my interest. The decorations and strange creatures were fascinating and colorful. I think it was actually one of my favorite attractions, as well as Austin's. Unfortunately the submarines were not operating, but I'm sure they would have been fun as well. I have never been in a submarine!

As evening descended upon us, we had to make the very difficult decision of where to eat. Like, this was a life or death decision clearly, because we could not pick a place. We also wanted to make sure we were close by to where the Fantasmic show was happening, because otherwise we probably just would have ate curry! I finally just got a giant hotdog from a stand that didn't have anyone in line until I decided I actually wanted one.  Austin got a sandwich from a nearby restaurant, and we made it in time for the light show. Unfortunately, because it was windy, they did not set off the fireworks. :( Fantasmic was pretty cool though, so we were both satisfied. It was a long day full of fun and magical memories, indeed!

Oh, I never told you my favorite Disney movies: Aladdin, Hercules, Emperor's New Groove (I always laugh so hard),  Mulan, The Incredibles (because superheroes), and Frozen. 


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