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Gorgeous greenery, the Ghibli museum & great conversation: Mitaka, Tokyo

Today I went to the “hidden gem” that is Mitaka, Tokyo and I had a great time! I’m continually surprised at how much pleasure I get from trading in the one of a kind hustle and bustle of Tokyo for the quiet subtlety that is the rest of Japan.

Upon my arrival in Mitaka I immediately felt like a pressure had been lifted from my chest. It was like my brain had just taken a hug sigh. The town was so quaint and peaceful.

 After meeting up with friends at the station we walked to the Studio Ghibli Museum. I was EXTREMELY excited to go into the museum because Studio Ghibli is a big reason why I became interested in Japan. Kiki’s Delivery Service was the first Japanese media I saw as a child and I was instantly mesmerized by the artistry, the plot, and depth of the characters. It was amazing and unlike anything I had ever seen before. After watching that movie I then went on to watch shows like Sailor Moon and Pokémon but Kiki’s Delivery Service would forever hold a place in my heart. Walking around the museum really felt like an outer body experience and I had to hold back tears of happiness at some points (I didn’t want to look like a dweeb in front of my friends!). Shout out to CIEE for making things come full circle for me! I did a short vlog on my youtube channel about the studio Ghibli museum, check it out here:



Sadly no pictures were allowed so all I have is a few shots of the outside of the museum. Originally I was going to do a blog post solely on the Studio Ghibli museum so I interviewed two of the workers inside. I asked them what their favorite studio Ghibli movies were and why. And I asked them why they thought Studio Ghibli was so popular in Japan. They both said Totoro was their favorite movie. One said it was her favorite because it was released on her birthday and the other said it was her favorite because it had a great story.  They both agreed on the last answer and said they think Studio Ghibli is so popular is because it isn’t just targeted at children, and the messages within it’s films reach the hearts of all generations.


After the museum a few friends and I sat on a bench and reflected on our experiences thus far. We talked about what dream/goals had come into fruition, which ones hadn’t and what we needed to do to make them happen. I think it’s really refreshing to occasionally check in with your friends and see what progress you’ve made. After our chat we went to Inokashira Park.



This park was amazing! There were families, performances, cute pets, beautiful temples, and even really cute swan boats! I’m not sure if we happened to stumble upon the park during some type of festival or maybe it was just another Saturday. But either way it looked like something out of a movie. We just walked along the lake until we reached the other station and all said our goodbyes from there. All in  all it was an excellent way to spend my Saturday. 




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