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Everything Disney

Knowing that my time is counting down, I immediately bought my boyfriend and me tickets to Tokyo DisneySea. The fact that the ticket was discounted was the icing on the cake. I was really scared that our trip to the Place Where Dreams are Made might be on a rainy day since the rainy season started a week before; luckily, the weather channel correctly predicted that the clouds would part and turn beautiful and sunny. For those wanting to go to DisneySea, buy the tickets when the rainy season begins!


DisneySea has eight attractions, which in turn has numerous entertainments in each of them. The first attraction we tackled was the American Waterfront. Since we were getting our “sea legs” ready, we fumbled a bit. We received our fast passes for the Tower of Terror but we went from one ride to another simply because it had a long line; we did not realize that every line would be long! We did not look at the waiting time estimate so we wasted about an hour going from one ride to another, hoping the line was shorter.

Finally, we became true “sea voyagers” at the Lost River Delta. Since we were walking around so much, we passed the time needed to receive our next fast pass. We decided to “fast pass” Raging Spirits and wait in line for about an hour and a half for Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, a ride that was about five minutes long. Nonetheless, it was an amazing ride. We followed this pattern of “fast passing” rides, and visiting surrounding rides to pass the time.


Before we knew it, it was lunchtime! Luckily we were at the right place: the Arabian Coast. We ordered curry, rice, nan, white chocolate pudding, and a fruit pudding. After running from ride to ride and waiting for hours, this meal was absolutely filling.


After eating, we used our fast passes and also ran to other rides. Our goal of the day was to ride every ride in the resort. I was really scared we would fail because we arrived at 11am instead of the 9am I wanted. Once the clock hit around 6pm, people started to leave the resort. The sun was setting beautifully and the night shows were beginning. As people were watching the fireworks and shows, my boyfriend and I ran to the rides. With the people gone, we waited at most 30 minutes to ride the popular rides! It was amazing. Another tip for people wanting to go to DisneySea: if you don’t have time, buy afternoon tickets to the resort because the line is much shorter! The afternoon ticket goes from 6pm to 10pm, I believe. My third tip: Disney staff does not push you out of the resort by 10pm even though that is the official closing time.


I spent my entire day in DisneySea, and completed my goal of riding all the rides. The next time I go, I will make sure to watch the shows I missed. I especially want to watch the Little Mermaid musical in Mermaid Lagoon. I left the resort around 10:30pm, wanting to return soon.


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