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Tokyo Disney

Who wouldn’t want to go to place where “dreams come true?”  Disney Land is a perfect place for a day off.  Additionally, living only a short thirty-seven minute train ride from the park makes it easy to go whenever we have an urge to go, unlike in the States where it can take hours to get to a Disney Park. 

            My first experience at Tokyo Disney Land was amazing.  I met my friend who attends Keiyo University, and fortunately for me, she is a Disney connoisseur; she planned out exactly where we should go and when, so that we could ride as many rides as possible and see all of the shows. 

            Going on a Sunday, I expected the park to be crowded, not just because it was a weekend and it’s Disney Land, but also because it was Easter Sunday and it’s located in Tokyo, where it’s troublesome to find attractions that are not crowded at all times.  Yet to our delight, we found the park to not be too crowded at all.  I’ve heard stories of lines being over a two hour long wait, yet the longest line we found was one hour. 


            To my surprise, the entire park was decorated for Easter, with bunny and egg forms of all the Disney characters.  I found out, however, that this was not just for Easter Sunday, but for an entire three month event of Easter celebration. 

            As we went on rides and waited on lines, something curious happened.  Because I am rather tall, especially in Japan (at 6 feet 4 inches or 193 centimeters), while waiting on the lines I was asked to come to a back room where they had “testing cars” and I had to see if I could fit in.  I’ve never “tested” to see if fit on a ride in the United States, yet I have been “too tall” to ride certain rides in certain theme parks. 


            After being to these secret “testing” rooms, my friend and I were often offered to cut the line and go directly on the ride for having been “burdened” with this test.  I didn’t mind at all, but not waiting on line is just another benefit of being tall. 


            Tokyo Disney Land is very similar to the layout of Orlando Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  Almost all the attractions are the same, and the park is organized is basically the same way.  They even have a monorail, like in Orlando, running through the grounds of Disney in Tokyo. 

            Luckily, my friend from Osaka was visiting Disney Land, and invited me to meet her there, so I got to go again.  With the proximity of the park, I was able to easily go after school, and enter at six o’clock for half price.  Unknowingly, I went on the night of the premier of a brand new Disney Show, Once Upon A Time, where Cinderella’s castle was illuminated, and presented an entire show projected on the castle. 


            Tokyo Disney Land was great, and I can’t wait to go to Tokyo Disney Sea next! 


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