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Summer Festival with SISEC!

At Sophia, there's a club known as SISEC, and it's purpose is to give foreign students along with Japanese students a chance to interact. It's been an amazing experience, full of opportunity, and I've personally made some wonderful friends through the club. I'm going to miss them all dearly. 


One Sunday, the executive members of SISEC planned a summer festival! I've only been to a few smaller festivals, but this felt like the real deal to me- everyone wore yukata (a summer version of a kimono), there were traditional snacks and games, and they even put on a haunted house!


We also made shaved ice (aka snow cones)- delicious! 


We played a few games. In one of them, you have a paper clip attached to paper, and you have to use it to catch these water-filled balloon yo-yos; of course, the yo-yos are floating in a pool of water, so your paper string eventually breaks. It was a lot fo fun and actually pretty difficult to get more than one or two!

Afterwards we went on a 2 hour cruise of Tokyo bay! There was a ton of delicious food and drink on board, and the views were gorgeous! We passed Rainbow Bridge and we could see Tokyo Tower and Skytree. 

The last event of the semester was a blast. It was very bittersweet, though- it's so hard to say goodbye to all these amazing people!

If you are a potential student who wants to come to Sophia, JOIN SISEC! So many foreigners didn't join because they thought they would only be interacting with fellow English-speakers; however, the Japanese students easily outnumbered us 10 to 1. You are given the opporunity to make friends and interact with people who WANT to befriend you, and are willing to work through any troubles you might have using your second language. They are all amazing, and I cannot wait to come back and visit them!



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