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Sharing Tokyo<3

My sister came to visit me!! For five days, I got the wonderful opportunity to show my sister around Tokyo, and it was absolutely so much fun. My sister and I, though she's about three years younger than me, are super close, and I honestly had been really missing her during the months in Japan. Especially with the time difference, it's harder than ever while here to keep up with family. So it was really nice to be able to be with her again, catch up, and show her my life here.

Wednesday I have no classes-- one of the weird but wonderful aspects of Sophia's course scheduling-- so she and I went to Tokyo Disney Sea for the day!! My grandmother had free tickets because she apparently holds stock, so we got to get into the park for free. It was kind of crowded because a new Toy Story ride had opened up (we didn't get to ride it!! the wait time was over 3 hours long and there was way too much other stuff to do and see), but so much fun nonetheless.


My cute sister and me(:



The insanely popular Toy Story ride!



Some Disney Sea performers




The following day I had classes!! Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend who didn't (she ends early), so she graciously took my sister to the Tokyo National Museum. My sister is usually into art, but both found the museum old and dusty, so headed instead to the Ueno Zoo. Unfortunately they learned there that one of the baby pandas had died that morning!! But they had fun, despite the mourning.

I also took my sister to a bunch of food places (Yakiniku, Kaiten Sushi, Kebabs, Crepes, Indian...) and my favorite shopping sites. She had literally come to visit me in order to shop, so we hit a TON of stores! She's a cheapskate like me, so we mostly hang out in the sale sections of H&M, Forever, and Topshop (they had some crazy 80% off sales going on)... as well as some thrift stores in Shimokitazawa. We toured Harajuku for fun too(:

I headed up with my sister to Osaka to drop her off before her flight with the rest of my family from Japan back home! They were spending the night before a flight the next morning, so I had the chance to spend a day with my mother, grandmother and other sister too~ We decided to spend the afternoon at a small zoo.... WHERE I GOT TO FEED A SLOTH.

Sloths are almost my favorite animals. After bunnies and turtles.


I also got to hold an armadillo, feed some squirrel monkeys, and feed some giant capibara. I really don't understand the appeal of the capibara. They're kinda scary. 



My mom got a little scared of the capibara too

 I was sad to say goodbye to my family, but I'll be seeing them in a couple weeks! As much as I love Japan, home is home<3


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I had a chance to go to Hong Kong Disney land and had an absolute blast - who knew that Mickey could speak fluent Cantonese?! Very cool that you were able to share your study abroad experience with your family. Hope the rest of your trip goes well!

Mom's reaction was really natural. she looks gorgeous on her sweet smile. I haven't seen capibara in my whole life. Maybe, if I will visit Tokyo.

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