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Last Days

Well it's down to the last couple days here in Tokyo, so I thought I would write a quick blog post about how I plan to spend it. Thankfully, I have about a week left in Japan, as I'll be heading back to Okayama before I go home to the US, but I leave Tokyo on August 2nd... :( This is officially my last weekend of this amazing study abroad experience I've been wonderfully priviliged to have. 

So, what do I plan to do? Unfortunately, I'm one of the [un]lucky few to have three final papers to write (I had two final exams too! The world is not fair), so that will definitely take up a good chunk of my weekend. A 10-page paper for Regional Security, 12-page paper for Japanese Government, 3-page (okay, don't laugh-- it's hard to write three pages in Japanese, especially about a societal issue like suicide when your sources have to be in Japanese) paper for Japanese.... ahh. Sad weekend up ahead. But I'm trying to make it a little bit better. Such as....

I'm going to Disney Sea again!! Disney has this great after 5 discount, where its 3,300 yen to enter the park after 5 pm. I'll be doing that today(: I'll get to see fireworks, which I'm excited about. What's a summer in Japan without fireworks?

On Saturday, I have one last circle activity with SPH, the AKB imitation group I joined. We'll be doing some yearbook photos and one last presentation? I think, haha. Then I'll be going to my synagogue to say my goodbyes, followed by a nice nomikai with some CIEE program friends!

Though I may not be in the best state of productivity Sunday morning, my plan is to crank out those three papers I have to write, as well as complete some last minute shoppping for myself and friends back home! I also have to buy omiyage (gifts) for people here who have been super hospitable to me.

Monday is more crunch time paper writing, because I want to get them all done before Hakone on Tuesday!! And Wednesday will be time for goodbyes before everyone leaves Thursday....

Goodbyes are always hard, and I'll definitely miss all the amazing friends I've made here. Sure, I miss plenty back home and I've had my share of homesickness, but right now it's hard to think about anything except how much I'm going to miss everyone :( It's been a wonderful four months!!




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