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Oedo Antique Market

I recently heard about the Oedo Antique Market. With over 250 dealers, it's known to be  Japan's largest antique fair, held every first and third Sunday in the courtyard of Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho. Last weekend I decided to check it out!

P1070013 08-35-07

One of the many booths!


These mini perfume bottles are so cute!


Beautiful tophat in tophat-box


This silverware was absolutely beautiful.

Posing with some potential finds?


The Chairman waves his hand when wound up. 


Our finds for the day! 

Later my friends and I walked to Ginza, one subway stop away, in order to just see the high end shops and visit an amazing bakery. 


キムラヤのパン:Kimuraya Bakery! 

The bakery was super popular so we headed outside to eat on the curbside. Some random Japanese men took pictures of us eating...


But my friends have beautiful eating faces, so I'm not surprised. We then made a pit stop in Akihabara (Akiba) for some errands. It was my first time seeing all the maids advertising their cafes everywhere!



I'm so happy to be able to claim Tokyo as my home for these four months<3


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I love the Chairman Mao watch!

Thanks for posting about this! I'll have to go the next time it happens (this weekend?)

Thanks for sharing this, this is a definitely a place to visit if ever in china. By the way i loved the binoculars. Thanks for sharing.

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