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concert experience in tokyo

The hardest part about getting to a concert in Tokyo is buying the actual ticket.

Most concerts require a lottery of some form, and oftentimes you have to be a member of an artist's fanclub in order to enter the lottery. If tickets aren't all sold out by the initial lottery, you can usually purchase tickets online or at special machines located in convenience stores. And, if you are still unable to get a ticket- in the usual case, foreigners like myself- you may be lucky enough to find a ticket at a resale vendor.

Concert tixMy ticket!

I stumbled across a chain with three locations- Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ueno- called Yokohama Ticket Get! that even had a convenient feature on their website that told you what tickets they had in stock, and which location you could find them at. 


It was here that I was able to purchase tickets to see Big Bang, a highly popular group from South Korea with Japanese releases. The concert was held in Saitama's Saitama Super Arena, an outlier of north Tokyo, and the show was huge and completely sold out.

Before actually entering the arena, you could purchase concert goods. Popular items for Japan were towels with the concert and band name on them, tshirts, and pen lights- basically, eletronic glow sticks used to light up the stadium during the show.

The actual concert was AMAZING. There were segments where the band talked, and each member had a solo opportunity. They responded amazingly well to the audience, and despite Japanese not being their native language, they were very well spoken. 

To get an encore, the audience sung the chorus of one of their older songs, over and over and over, until Big Bang finally came back out. Of course they sung that song immeadiatly.

I cannot recommend enough to go to a concert abroad. See someone from another country, and see how something as simple as a concert can be so different! My experience was amazing, and I would absolutely do it all over again- and I hope to, with a Japanese artist, next month!

The stadium, lit up and blurry from all the movement of people waving their pen lights!


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I will be attending my first Korean artist concert in Japan next month too - and I agree that buying the ticket was the worse part.... was the mark up for your tickets significantly high?

I wanted to ask, were they strict with cameras at the venue????? were you able to film the concert?

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