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Rabbit Cafe!!

I know I promised a post on my Golden Week, but I'm super excited about something else right now that I had to share: RABBIT CAFES. (ウサギカフェ<3)

I'm mildly obsessed with bunnies. I think they're the absolutely cutest animals ever. I have bunny prints clothes (H&M had a really cute line; just saying), I have at least five stuffed animal bunnies (from when I was younger...). I used to own two bunnies-- Choco and Cocoa!

I've really been missing cuddling with my bunnies, but thankfully I'm in luck by simply being here in Tokyo, home to the bunny cafe phenomenon. Ra.a.g.f, "Rabbit and Grow Fat," is the cafe I chose to go to, conveniently located in Harajuku. With the option to pay 600 yen for a half hour or 1000 yen for an hour, cafe patrons get to relaxingly sip on iced coffee or lemonade while playing with the many cute bunnies there. For those looking for a new pet, there are even some bunnies for purchase! I'm not really sure how the system would work, but they were all very adorable. 

I highly, highly recommend. I will be going back very soon~

579913_3629858979565_1066800011_3294693_2034829804_nCherise in front of the store sign~


Bunnies for sale~



Cherise and I playing with the bunnies

Our drinks/free food for the bunnies by simply liking them on Facebook!

A massive feeder rabbit cuddling up to one of the cafe workers

And that's it for now! Again, if you have the chance, go. So worth it. 




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The bunnies looks so adorable,,
We have a pet rabbit too..

But they stay in the cage not in out store :)

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