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魔法の国のアリス [Alice themed dining]

Recently I went to a little restaurant called 魔法の国のアリス, or something along the lines of Alice's Magical Country, with one of my very dear friends. This is a small chain (they recently opened their fourth location in Tokyo), and the entire restaurant is Alice in Wonderland themed.


Themed dining is a popular attraction in Tokyo- examples of other themed restaurants include butlers, ninjas,  vampires, maids, and prisons. Because these experiences are viewed as an attraction, locations go very over-the-top to bring you the most unique experience they can- and Alice was no different.


The menus popped out of this box, decorated like a scene straight from Alice in Wonderland. The restaurant requires that each person orders at least one drink and one food item. The drink menu was in the shape of a top hat with playing cards scattered on it- the drink names were on the playing cards, which opened to show you a picture of the drinks. The actual menu was adorable as well, and the food was all Alice themed. 


We were served a small appetizer while we waited for our food.  The food itself was delicious- we both ordered a cheshire cat pie, and the flaky pastry dough was perfect. Of course we had to order dessert as well, and that came in the form of a cheshire cat-shaped parfait- smile and tail included!


More so than the food, themed restaurants are about the experience. They want the customers to feel like they've entered a completly different world. It truly felt like I fell down the rabbit hole and landed in Wonderland, complete with a maze-like confusing layout and all of the important characters. 

I haven't been to any other themed restaurants, so I cannot compare them; however, I highly recommend  going to Alice. The waitresses are extremely friendly, the food is amazing, and the experience has left me gushing for the last two days. With jazzy Disney music playing in the background, I have truly had an experience  that I will never forget! 



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Ich bin wirklich überrascht. Heute verbrachte ich viel von meiner Freizeit versuche, etwas Interessantes zu diesem Thema zu finden. Schließlich fand ich Ihre Website. Vielen Dank dafür!

Durch den Besuch ihrer Website Ich bin froh zu sagen, es ist eine sehr nützliche Website und Nachrichten sind erstaunlich, thanks for sharing diese nützlichen Beiträge ..!

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