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Classes and Circles!

Hi again! It's been a month already since coming to Tokyo and it has flown by!! I honestly don't know where all the time has gone, but I've got three months left, and am determined to make the very most of it. For starters, I'm in Ito-- a peninsula just close to Tokyo. I highly highly recommend it: I don't have pictures just yet, but the guest house we're staying at (K's House) is absolutely beautiful, and the surrounding area is just breathtaking. Expect a new blog soon with details about my weekend here! I'll also be going to Kyoto next weekend, because this week is Golden Week, which means days off of school, and what is better than travelling?

This post may be a little short on photos, because I'm dedicating it to talk about clubs and classes (I promise, photos in my next post!). Classes here are great-- I really love all the classes I'm taking. This semester I have Japanese Government and Politics (the professor is really good at lecturing; he tells interesting stories and isn't afraid to bluntly express his opinion on a subject), Introduction to Japanese Literature (I'm taking it with a bunch of people in my dorm, so it's really fun! I'm excited to touch on classics like the Tale of Genji), Regional Security in Northeast Asia (this professor is just ridiculous-- he's so funny, and yet the discussions he inspires are really informative and engaging), and of course, Japanese. I would have to say that my Japanese class is the toughest, but the professors are very good and I'm excited for the level of Japanese I'll be at once this semester is over!

I have to say though, that I'm much more excited about the circle (clubs) I've joined. AKB48 is a big pop idol group in Japan, composed of (supposedly, though probably more) 48 girls. AKB48 has inspired various colleges nationwide to create imitation groups, and Sophia University has its own SPH48, of which I am a new member. 

The SPH48 chalkboard at freshman orientation week! I really just wanted to wear those schoolgirl outfits...

Trying on the uniform (costume)!

We perform the dances that AKB48 does on their concert tours, music videos, etc. at venues such as clubs, school events, and stores. Coming up mid-May I'll get to perform with this fun group of girls for a school event, and then a week later at a CD store. I'm so excited! I'm currently learning two dances, and they're really tough since I can't dance, but ridiculous fun. Circles are really an amazing way to interact with Japanese college kids and learn colloquial language. The girls in SPH48 are all very fluent in English (as are many people at Sophia University) so when I get confused they translate for me, but for the most part we all converse in Japanese. 


Other than classes, clubs, and my current vacation plans, life has been pretty chill. Quick photo montage!

Celebrating a friend's birthday at Sweet's Paradise! Dessert buffet for 1500 yen? Count me in~ 

Trying amazake (sweet rice wine) at hanami! Check Cherise's post below (again lol) for more details on the Japanese tradition of looking at sakura flowers.

With some of the other dorm girls! 

Pre-clubbing in Roppongi! We got these amazing kebabs that we keep going back for. Roppongi is a little sketchy though, so just be careful~ 

Hanging out with some friends at an arcade in Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is one of the train stops on the way home from school, which means that with my commuter pass, I get to stop there whenever I want for free! Which is so much fun and saves a ton of money, cuz we've been busy exploring Tokyo~

That's it for now! I'll try to post soon with more pictures about my Golden Week travels!  




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That classroom looks awesome! Who did the artsy chalkboard?

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