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Hello again! The week since my last post flew by and I had another good weekend. Yesterday (Sunday), a bunch of CIEE students went with SISEC to the island of Enoshima. I'm not sure if I've already described what SISEC is, but it's basically a circle at the university that holds events for foreign students and Japanese students to hang out and get to know each other. It's a lot of fun and we've all made some really good friends through their events. So, yesterday morning we set off from our dorm at about 9:30am to make the  journey down to Enoshima. Luckily, we caught a rapid train so we cut about 30 minutes off our travel time, but it still took us almost two hours from door to door to get there. Thankfully, though, we weren't last, so we had time to get some lunch around the station while we waited for the last stragglers to arrive (who may or may not have been CIEE students... ahem).

IMG_1573 Outside in Enoshima

Once we were all there, the group of about 40 students set off for the Enoshima Aquarium. I actually went to the aquarium in Kobe a few weeks ago, but for many people it was their first time going to an aquarium in a number of years. So, we had a lot of fun reliving our childhood and marveling at all the different fishies. The Japanese Giant Crabs and all of the jellyfish were my particular favorites. Later in the afternoon, there was a dolphin show that also featured a sea lion - it was really cool! There was one animal swimming around that we have deemed a "wholphin," or a cross between a whale and a dolphin, although if you actually click that link you will read that apparently there are only two in existence (both in Hawaii). This thing at the Enoshima Aquarium, however, could secretly be a wholphin - it was ginormous and really did look like a cross between a dolphin and a whale. It also didn't do any tricks - it just kind of swam around in circles. I think it's sole purpose was to be impressively big and disprove Wikipedia articles.

IMG_1664 The sea lion!

After the dolphin show we had more fun squealing at the touching pool, and then headed out to the beach. It was an overcast day but wasn't too chilly, and we were just lucky it didn't rain. The water wasn't actually terribly cold, so most of us put our feet in, and some of the guys went actual swimming. We got a lot of great pictures in the waves - it was really entertaining to see every group pictures be interrupted by people sqealing as a wave broke over the back of their ankles. Eventually we had had enough, however, so we went back to an area where we could all sit down and rest.

A picture of the group right as a wave hit :)

Everyone cleaned up, and then the group split up to go different places. Some people went to the "Sea Castle" which is a tall observatory on the island, though it was really cloudy so I'm not sure what the view was like. I actually headed home with some people, since it was already after 5pm and we were looking at a long trip home. We were really looking forward to having dinner at our favorite ramen place by the dorm, but unfortunately it was closed, so we had delicious okonomiyaki instead. Can't complain! Overall it was a really nice, relaxing day and it was nice to be home relatively early to get ready for this week. We are past midterms, but now we only have about three weeks of classes left - absolutely insane! We all want time to slow down! Matane~ :)


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